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My name is Didi van Haren. I am the person behind Picture that Food, the blog Bijzonder Spaans and the Instagram account @picturethatfood.

I’m born and based in the centre of Amsterdam. After I started my blog Bijzonder Spaans in 2010 I followed various online photography courses to improve my photography skills, especially in the field of food photography and styling.

Besides that, I have attended several food photography and styling workshops in the Netherlands, Norway, the UK and France. This resulted in the fact that I absolutely love to photograph food. From the imperfection of beautiful organic produce that nature produces to styling and shooting dishes. Not to forget the large vintage collection I gathered throughout the years from my trips abroad.

Picture that Food is the result of a lot of requests on Instagram for my work in print. I hope to fulfill that demand with this website.

Contact and inquiries: didi@picturethatfood.com

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